Who is protecting the real interest of the consumer?

It wasn’t many years ago that food production was an art. Whether it was vegetables or meat, you always knew where your produce came from. In todays world, food is mass produced, filled with antibiotics that increases our resistance which means that if we get sick conventional strength antibiotics won’t cut it with a vague idea of where the creature or vegetable we are now sinking our teeth into came from. It is the same story with soda’s, although some specialist shops still carry reasonably priced soda’s which are made with real cane sugar as opposed to corn syrup, which has taken place in much of the food consumption today and allegedly is a massive contributor to obesity in the western world.
In short: production has gone from quality to quantity, from focus on the consumer experience to focus on increased profits, and from focus on sustainable production to maximising efficiency. All the expense of the people, who must now accept that eating healthy food is much more expensive than eating the unhealthy mass-produce.
I would argue that the people of a country has two fronts of ‘protection’, first line is the politicians who put in place legislation to protect us from businesses abusing their increasing power, a task at which they have tremendously failed at due to lobbying and global corporations pressuring the legislators together with a lack of ethical interest. The second line of defence is the media who takes pride in (watching over) the actions and legislations that politicians take and the wrongdoings of big business.
While we as consumers are demanding lower prices, is it ethical to demand this on the cost of unsustai-

nability and increased health problems with half the country being obese, and where does the responsibilities lie? With the media, the politicians, or the public?
The result of the lacking interest is especially evident when thinking about the horse meat scandal and that much of the population either don’t know how to live healthy, or simply just haven’t got the income to do so.

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  1. Ioana20:01

    The food production has increased so massively the past few years that there is no sources to produce good quality food for the whole population. In the future the real valued products are going to be the natural goods - what concerns is me is that the seeds themselves are not natural anymore and in few years the production of natural food is going to be nearly impossible.