And what is your size?

Obesity has been a huge issue in the past 10 years and the number of the overweight population is growing every day. Because of the unhealthy life of parents kids are being born with bigger chance to get obese and by sharing the same lifestyle in more occasions they do. 

There has been a lot of arguing about the matter. Is it the parents fault? Is one of the reasons the quality of the food on the market? How it should be handled? One of the biggest problems related with the issue is the fact that overweight children do not have the needed motivation to change their way of living and they do not get the support of their parents. Is it worth to replace healthy meals and exercise with fast foods and video games, just because it is easier, without thinking about the consequences on one`s health?

In 2013 the UK retail chain Debenhams displayed in their stores size 16 mannequins. Even though the first reaction of the public was positive a lot of people have started to question the decision lately. Is this a nice gesture of tolerance or is it supporting the nation`s obesity? By promoting the image of plus size women the shop Is giving the idea that it is OK to be overweight and there is no reason to change it.

The public has to understand that it is not offensive to raise the issue. It seems like people don`t talk about it, scared that they will offend someone when in the same time the victims are exactly the people who are being so often “tolerated”.  



  1. Becca04:32

    Size 16 is NOT obese!!!

    1. Anonymous04:34

      It depends on the hight tbf

    2. Aaron Davies06:39

      To be fair size 16 really is borderline obese. It can at least be classified as FAT and it will only get worse.

      Making size 16 models is like endorsing being big. And the argument that 'some people can't help it, its not their fault' doesn't hold up. By that definition a LOT of the population in the UK are just born to be fat? NO! It's something to do with their unhealthy lifestyle.

  2. Jason04:35

    I think that too many people are lazy

  3. Anonymous04:38

    I agree with Jason. All of those obese people are using the fact that the public tolerates them and they say stuff like "oh well i am different so you shouldn't judge me, you should be nice to me so you won't offend me"

    1. Carl04:39

      Yeeeaaaaa! Why every time you say that someone is fat they flip out!

  4. Daniel Larsen06:51

    There are really two aspects to this.
    First it's whether or not the state/government should step in and do something about this, because parents who feed their children shit food that increases not only their weight to a point where they get obese, but also increase their risk of a shorter than average lifespan as well as making them a major burden on the NHS are not perhaps not fit to be parents?

    Another aspect is whether or not the NHS / free healthcare systen should change to lesser the burden that fat people have on society, which is shown in the form of medical treatments, electric scooters etc, early retirement on disability support. - Why are they entitled to this when it is their own fault? I agree they should have some sort of help to move on, but ultimately those who doesn;t wanna be helped aren't going to change their eating habbits and lfiestyle when they know that they can just go to the government and live of other peoples money until they die early of a clocked arterie or heart attack.