The Cyber Virus - Bullying

Nowadays people spend more time on social media platforms per day than interacting face-to-face. The world has turned into cyber reality where chat, text or e-mail is the preferred way of communication rather than a phone call or a meeting. Unfortunately it also has a disadvantage – the Internet doesn’t have a face. It doesn’t have a driver’s licence or a passport. It doesn’t have a fingerprint. That makes it perfect for all the dark people in the world to use it as a weapon.

Statistics show that 1 in 3 young people are being bullied at least ones in school. Only in 2011/12, 31 599 children called ChildLine about the issue.  No matter how many times one social media platform is updated it doesn’t change the fact that ANYBODY can make a profile and nobody pays attention if it is real or fake. That gives the advantage of being anonymous to bullies.  Hundreds of profiles and accounts are created daily that hide the real identity of someone who has the intention of harassing someone innocent.

And here comes the other dark power of the Internet – once you let the demons out of the Pandora box, you can never bring them back.  Thousand of children are receiving threatening messages every day, without knowing who is on the other end. Private pictures posted of teenage girls that stick with them till the rest of their life.  Young boys are being tortured for their sexuality.

People argue if the responsibility of protecting the victims of bullying lies on the parents who allow them to be on the social media or the social media platforms themselves.  Should there be an identity check for all of the newly made profiles? Should the parents forbid to their children to be on social networks at least until they turn 15? And why isn’t enough done in order to PREVENT bulling?

What are your suggestions – what can be improved so the Internet can become a safer place where people can enjoy their time instead of being scared to press that LOG IN button…?



  1. Masie13:48

    I think there should be age restriction to some of social media platforms! It is ridiculous that 10-11 year old children are openly exposed to the threats of the Internet!

  2. Ioana19:51

    I don`t think that the social platforms are so influential, most of it is the way they are raised at home and how they have been treated at school. It is not only the social media - if they bully on the Internet they will do it in real life as well! The Internet is just making it easier!

  3. Jessica22:15

    There is an actual argument across the media that age restriction SHOULD be applied. Also let`s take into a count the fact that some social platforms like Twitter for example forbid people under the age of 13 to share personal information and if they spot one doing so the account is being removed.


      If you could sign and share I would be so grateful :D x

  4. Jessica22:16

    Also I totally agree with Ioana but the Internet and the social media platforms just make it easier.


    If you could sign and share I would be so grateful :D x