Positive DISCRIMINATION against smokers!!!

For the last decade or so the campaigns against smoking have intensified more and more. From horrible pictures and messages on the packets of cigarettes to banning any kind of cigarette adverts the government of every country is doing its best to discourage smoking.

But am I the only one feeling like England is taking this to a whole new level???
The smoking ban in 2007 started off from the notion of protecting the non-smokers. I completely agree; they shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of smoking if they are personally not fans of tobacco.

But this positive discrimination is going way too far. You’re trying to protect the health of half of the community but you endanger the health of the other half by making them stand outside in the rain just to have a cigarette.

At the end of the day we have the same rights and I don’t see why I should stay out in the rain and catch a cold just to be able to have a cigarette.
The whole issue actually starts with the government and their worry about benefits and the NHS. Taking into account smokers are more prone to lung illnesses they consider this would put more of a pressure on the health system and would cost more money. So they just decided to ban smoking.

BUT why didn’t they take into account the fact that by forcing them to suffer the weather conditions they will just make them MORE prone to health problems, which would cost more money?? A lot of you might say that yeah the government isn’t forcing them to do it but at the same time let’s be honest any smoker will do it.

So WHY don’t us smokers have more rights?? Restaurants and clubs with smoking and non-smoking areas, smoking areas being mandatory for all venues… These are just but a few of the solutions that could be found.

Take a stand and protect our rights. Abolish POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION!!


  1. Jessica09:33

    Well yea, but nobody is forcing smokers to smoke! If you are cold and it is raining outside, just don't GO OUT! Why should the venue owners pay more just to modify their place for smokers? Plus mmmmm I bet every venue owner would LOVE his property to smell like an ashtray!

  2. Nick09:35

    Aren't you damaging your health more by smoking? Lung cancer or a cold? Take vitamins!

  3. Veronika09:37

    In some countries they were obligated by law to separate a venue with more than 100 people capacity to a smoking and non-smoking area. It worked pretty well.

  4. Some guy named Matt18:08

    So you believe you should have the right to smoke in hospitality venues (such as taverns, restaurants, etc.). Your argument is that there should be smoking and non-smoking areas of venues.
    However, smoke would waft from the smoking to the non-smoking areas. Also, the hospitality employees, such as the bartenders, waiters, waitress, etc., would be subjected to other peoples' tobacco smoke. Perhaps you can explain to us why you believe hospitality workers should be subjected to your tobacco smoke.

  5. Ethical Student10:50

    Jessica yes nobody is forcing us but for us smoking is a lifestyle and we actually enjoy that cigarette. Why should I be forced to go outside in the cold but you should be privileged enough to stay inside in the warmth just so that I don't bother you? Don't know if you see my point but I am trying to show you that you have more privileges than me..

    1. Jessica11:09

      Why should I as a venue owner spend time and money for smoking indoor area? I actually enjoy the money in my bank account! There are heaters outside - we both have heating provided for us.

  6. Ethical Student10:51

    Nick damaging my health through smoking is my decision though. Catching a cold is imposed by other people's wishes..

  7. Anonymous10:55

    When you have smoking and non-smoking areas in a venue that implies that you have an airing system capable enough so that the smoke wouldn't waft to the other areas. Also if you are a venue owner you have to satisfy your customer's needs. It's all about marketing.

    1. Some guy named Matt05:29

      Unless the non-smoking and smoking areas are physically sealed off from each other, such as by a wall, then smoke would waft from the smoking to the non-smoking areas.

  8. Anonymous10:58

    Hospitality workers are subjected to bad stuff everyday. I am one myself and trust me people's bad attitude annoys me much more than smoke would. Not to mention if this would be a full time job the effects on my legs and spine would definitely affect my health much more. If you think about it this way why should you make people serve you every time you go out and not just have self-service instead? that would help even more..

    1. Some guy named Matt01:41

      You may think other unpleasant things at work would be worse than tobacco smoke. But why add tobacco smoke to the list of unpleasant things you have to deal with?